I am an independent scholar of ancient religion and biblical criticism. I study the Bible within the context of its cultural heritage, with special emphasis on Christianity’s relation to the gods, heroes, and mystical cults of the Hellenistic world.

I am also a recovering person, who believes, firmly, that addiction can be overcome without recourse to superstition. I’ve written a short book on the topic, Addictus: A Nonbeliever’s Path to Recovery, which can be found on Amazon through my author URL: https://www.amazon.com/author/derreckbennett

I live to amuse, enlighten, and inspire all those with whom I come into contact.

    • littlemanfromsalzburg says:

      hey mr.clever atheist comedian lol as incredibly clever and edgy as your posts are, being clever is not the same as being wise :I do atheists care about wisdom? cuz it seems you only care about being edgy lol not that im smart, but you should try meditation sometime it will help you center your consciousness, check out scientific research on the effects of meditation. im not a christian or muslim or anything specific like that but im just fascinated how people like you think life is some big accident and reality just happened or is for no reason. why dont you actually try meditating and look within through deep states of awareness rather than devote so much time to being ‘clever’ about inconsistencies in religion? establishment backed religion/science will never satisfyingly answer the big question ‘why we are here?’ you should look within and unlock your mind’s true potential for the answers not to some external establishment backed organization like science/religion. think about it, unless you dont care which kind of contradicts the reason why you rejected religion/spirituality in the first place which is to find the real truth is it not? or don’t and continue to embrace your edgy lifestyle bent on carnal fulfillment which basically desensitizes your higher mental processes man :/ peace. sincerely,

      A fellow human being

      • Hey, little man from salisbury steakburg,

        Thanks for going ON and ON and ON about how clever and edgy I am. I constantly try to remind people of that, but they don’t listen! I’M CLEVER, GODDAMMIT! At least you feel me, Broseph Stalin.

        Please know that what I write is not merely comedic shtick. I am really, truly, on-the-edge-of-cardiac-arrest, caveman pissed. GRRRFARABARARA@$#&%FUCKOSLOVAQUIA!!

        Oops, just popped a vein in my taint.

        I understand that there’s no good evidence for life being a mere accident, but I accept it on faith. I mean, what are the chances that life would spontaneously emerge in a 13.8 BILLION year-old universe that’s 156 BILLION light years apart, harboring over 100 BILLION galaxies, each with over 100 BILLION stars? THAT’S NOT ENOUGH TIME AND SPACE FOR CHANCE OCCURRENCES, MAN!! (Lolz.)

        There is clearly some guiding, intelligent force that took time out of its cosmic meandering to create us for some special purpose. Even though it only took it a few billion years of starts and stops, trial and error, and explosions and extinctions to get there. (By the way, 99.99% of all species that have ever existed on earth have gone extinct. That’s a pretty impressive failure rate. Your ambiguous god would do well to omit that from his résumé.)

        But, I’ll give it to you. Science can’t answer the big question: Why are we here? In the meantime, the most important thing we can do is commit fallacious, circular arguments by presupposing a cosmic “Why?” and demanding that science answer it.

        Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pray to Stephen Hawking out of blind allegiance to established, scientific dogma and its ridiculous methods of empiricism. Reaching conclusions based on observation and evidence? THAT IS SO GAY. (Not the “happy” kind, but the butt-rogering, monkey man-sex kind.)

        If I should get a good hankering for woo, I’ll stop by and meditate with you while cuddling, eating Häagen-Dazs, and listening to Deepak Chopra on audio cassette.

        Yours in Obscure & Pretentious Piety,


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